Pet Food Bank Status in the Age of COVID-19

The Colorado Pet Pantry intends to remain open, knowing that our clients need ongoing assistance and that many more people will need our help in the weeks to come. Given that, we’ve implemented new procedures that will help us to keep our “doors” open. Now, more than ever, people need their pets. We need the life and light that they bring to our lives. Our goal is to keep pets in their families.

Getting pet food at a pet food bank

The pet food bank schedule is here.

The procedure will be much different than usual. You’ll drive into the parking lot and you’ll be directed where to go. The pet food bank will be “drive through”. We will be bringing a set amount of pet food and we WILL NOT be able to accommodate special requests. We will put the food into your car, and you’ll be on your way. 

These are tough times and we hope you know we’re doing everything we can to remain open so that you can get the pet food that you need. 

Thank you and good health to you.

Changed locations

May 21, 2020: Lamar Pet Food Bank – we have added a new monthly pet food bank on the third Thursday of the month from 4-6pm at 8551 County Road Ee.5 in Lamar.

May 23, 2020: Hands of God Ministry Pet Food Bank in Sugar City – we have added a new monthly pet food bank on the Saturday after the third Thursday of the month from 9am-11am at 206 Colorado St in Sugar City.

May 27, 2020: Ecumenical Social Ministries has closed – we will be operating a new pet food bank at Westside Community Center in Colorado Springs on the fourth Wednesday of every month. This pet food bank will have its opening day on May 27th from 1pm-3pm.

May 29, 2020: Food Bank for Larimer County has been moved to Friday, May 29th from 11am-1pm. The Street Dog Coalition will be doing a veterinary clinic along side our pet food bank on a first come first serve basis between 11am-1pm.

May 30, 2020: Colorado City Pet Food Bank is cancelled – the human food bank is closed as well. If you need pet food, you are welcome to come to the Pueblo Pet Food Bank on May 28th from 11am-1pm.

June 1, 2020: Alamosa Pet Food Bank with La Puente’s Food Bank will be postponed one week, until June 1st, due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

What we need

We need volunteers at pet food banks to assist in distributing pet food. To sign up visit our Volunteer site here. Our pet food banks will have the recommended six feet between people — clients and volunteers. Volunteers will either put allotted food into people’s cars if the pet food bank is a “drive through” scenario or place on the ground before a client is called up to get their pet food if there’s not the ability to do a “drive through”. The goal is for clients to be served as fast as possible and without congregation of people.

The need for pet food donations and financial donations will be great during this time. We expect to see more clients due to the loss of income for so many in our communities. With that, we also expect that we will receive less financial support and pet food donations due to tough times. If you can help with either, we would be most grateful.

Donate pet food (please contact the location first to ensure they are open)
Donate funds