What We Need

Monetary Donations

Thanks to our incredible partnerships, it costs the Colorado Pet Pantry $5 to feed a pet for a month. Monetary donations go a long way and are by far our most urgent need. With rent, storage, and administrative costs, monetary donations have a huge benefit towards helping us reach our goals. Your donation helps a pet stay with its family—keeping the dog or cat out of the shelter where it would need to be housed, fed, walked, cared for, and REHOMED. To donate, we can accept major credit cards, PayPal, and EBT (Electronic Bank Transfer).

Pet Food and Supplies

In Order of Priority:

  1. Dry Adult Dog Food
  2. Dry Cat Food
  3. Canned Dog Food
  4. Cat Litter
  5. Canned Cat Food
  6. Toys, Leashes, Collars and Accessories

To learn more about how to donate food, toys, leashes, collars and accessories, please visit our Donate Pet Food page.