Vacations that Support CPP

Dream Vacations by Julianne Butler

Julianne has been a volunteer with Colorado Pet Pantry since day one in 2013. She is our lead volunteer for the monthly pet food bank at Jewish Family Service, and is always jumping in to help with pet food donation pickups or whatever else is needed to help more pets to get the food that they need. We are immensely grateful to Julianne. And to top it off, her business “Dream Vacations by Julie Butler” is now supporting us as well. If you’re planning a trip to get out of town in the next year or two (there’s a wide variety of destinations and options), check out her site. Julianne has committed to donating 10% of the commissions when reservations are made through this site. This will  significantly support for Colorado Pet Pantry!

Shop travel destinations now or call Julianne at (720) 799-2112.