How To Get Pet Food

There are four ways the Colorado Pet Pantry distributes food:

  1. Open-to-the-Public pet food banks. Clients are eligible to get food every two months and we give one month’s worth of food (50% of needs). Learn more or see upcoming calendar
  2. Emergency pet food. If you need help with pet food before the next “open to the public” pet food bank, please fill out this form. We work with area partners to make this program possible.
  3. Mini pet food banks. We partner with organizations that support low-income families to help with their clients’ dog and cat food needs. We also occasionally partner with animal welfare organizations that need access to pet food. If you are with a low-income housing facility or other group that might be interested in partnering with us, please email us.
  4. Participating human and pet food banks. We partner with human and pet food banks throughout Colorado to assist with pet food for their clients. There is no guarantee that these locations will have pet food at any given time though (since they could run out), so if you need pet food, please come to a monthly pet food bank (#1 above).