Only Natural Pet Supports Colorado Pet Families

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share about how much we LOVE Only Natural Pet!

This local company, founded right here in Boulder, has been an instrumental supporter of Colorado pet families for as long as Colorado Pet Pantry has existed.

In addition to monthly multiple-pallet-sized (thousands of pounds) donations of brand new pet food, Only Natural Pet donates all close to best-by date or damaged bags of pet food to Colorado Pet Pantry. THIS is how we are able to operate.

This type of product, no longer sell-able in stores, would otherwise be headed straight to the landfill. Colorado Pet Pantry rescues this pet food, and with the help of valued partners like Only Natural Pet, direct it straight into the bowls of dogs and cats who need it the most.

Thank you Only Natural Pet, for partnering with us in our mission to reduce the unwanted pet population, and ensure that no pet family need to relinquish their beloved pet due to financial constraints or lack of resources. Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we are so happy to have you on board.

Three Easy Ways to Support Colorado Pet Pantry

January 30th, February 27th and March 28th, you do not need to go to the store and pickup up supplies for dinner, because you, your friends and your family are all going out for pizza at any of the 13 Parry’s Pizza locations. Dine in to donate!

Any time you shop at King Soopers or City Market, register your rewards card to benefit Colorado Pet Pantry, and 3% of your grocery bill will be donated directly to us.

We earn over $21,000 (WOW) per year because of this program, and it’s a great way for people to donate to us without having to spend any extra money.
View Detailed Instructions Here

‘Tis the season – tax season that is. Each year we all scramble between the end of January and the middle of April to do our taxes. This year, there is a great way to donate your Colorado tax refund directly to any charity of your choice. We would be honored to be considered as your favorite charity.

When you file your taxes, add our registration number, 20123031891, on the Voluntary Contributions Schedule (DR 0104CH) of your Colorado Individual Income Tax Return. Learn more about this easy to use and much appreciated program.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Supports Colorado Pet Pantry

Over the last decade Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been a vital pet food donor to Colorado Pet Pantry. With thousands of pounds of pet food donated, they have consistently supported our organization. From puppy, to senior, canned and adult kibble, Hills has been supporting Colorado pet families in an amazing way.

We Love “I And Love And You”

“I and Love and You” was created in Boulder and has been a huge supporter for many years. When we called them a couple weeks ago to tell them we were very low on pet food, they jumped to assist us with a truck of donations.

During the month of January, I and Love and You has featured us as the “Rescue of the Month”! Thank you so much to this valued partner of Colorado Pet Pantry.

Supporting our food donors helps them to support Colorado Pet Pantry. Check your favorite store for their delicious and nutritious pet food selections!

Pet Food Bank Update – The Action Center

Hello Action Center Clients,

We are moving this pet food bank to take place on the fourth WEDNESDAY of each month.

This will begin Wednesday, January 24th, from 10AM-12PM, at the Action Center, 8745 W 14th Ave in Lakewood.

The event can be found here.

As a reminder, clients are now eligible to receive pet food every THREE months. So you are eligible for food if you have not received food since October, 2023. If you receive pet food in January, you are next eligible in April 2024.

Thank you,

Colorado Pet Pantry


Wet food, dry food, or canned – we need it.

Three years ago, when the world shut down for a pandemic, so did the pet food factories and their ingredient suppliers. Because Colorado Pet Pantry accepts large scale donations of short-dated pet food, it has taken three years for the effects of the shut down to reach us. The pet food that would have expired, literally does not exist, so the donations are nonexistent.

At our current capacity, with 100 pet food pantries, we need about 100,000 pounds of pet food to make it through each month. Our outlook on incoming large scale donations is bleak. We have asked every major pet food band out there for help (do you know anyone at any major pet food brands? If so please email us at we are open to any and all suggestions). Many have responded, but there is still a major shortfall in the amount of donations coming in and the amount we need.

Because of this shortfall, we are having to make drastic changes. Starting immediately, we are moving our pet food recipients to only receive food every three months (before it was every other month). This is a necessity if we want to continue helping as many people as possible.

What can you do to help?

Start a pet food drive in your community or place of business

  • Pet food drives are a great way to spread awareness about our organization, and provide a solution to our biggest problem – the need for more food donations. Colorado Pet Pantry started as a small community supported organization with just a few donation drop off stores. Our program only works if donations exist. And we need your help. Learn more here.

Network with your group

  • Do you know anyone who works for a pet food company? Or anywhere that we could source large-scale donations? We often partner with retail stores such as Costco, Target, Veterinary Clinics, etc. to accept any short-dated or damaged pet food bags. If you or someone you know works in a store that sells pet food, and has access to expiring pet food, please put us in touch by emailing!

Ultimately the pet food factories did start up again. The world got back to a new normal, and in the future, donations will exist. But right now, we need our community to help us bridge this gap.

Thank you, Your Friends at Colorado Pet Pantry

Client Stories – Angela and Claire

“Claire is a hound who loves people!” Angela laughs, as she describes Claire’s antics. “She yodels at everyone she meets and loves to point at squirrels!” Claire lost her home when her former owner passed away and no provisions were made for her. Angela came to the rescue by taking Claire into her heart and her home.

“She always knows my moods and is extremely sensitive to when I need her. She is everything to me.” But, Angela laments, “With the economy today it is very expensive for dog food. Claire is a 100 pound Black Labrador/Pointer mix and she eats a lot!”

Angela adds, “Colorado Pet Pantry is a life saver! They supplement Claire’s food and save me money for other bills. Without Pet Pantry, I would be forced to feed Claire cheap dog food or even people food, which isn’t good for her.”

Colorado Pet Pantry returns Claire’s joyful yodel in our appreciation for dedicated pet owners like Angela and promise to keep helping these two in the future.

Impact Report – 2023

Swansea Pet Food Bank – New Location and Day of Month

Colorado Pet Pantry Clients,

We are writing today to notify you that our pet fod bank at Focus Points Family Resource Center has a new location and day of the month. From now on, this pet food bank will take place at Bruce Randolph School, 3955 Steele Street in Denver, on the FIRST Tuesday of the month, from 1-3PM.

The first date at this new location is December 5th. We will be there in partnership with We Don’t Waste.

You are welcome to receive pet food once every other month, at any of our Denver locations, and we ask that you please bring your ID with you.

Thank you and have a great day.

Colorado Pet Pantry

Clientes de Colorado Pet Pantry,

Le escribimos hoy para notificarle que nuestro banco de alimentos para mascotas en Focus Points Family Resource Center tiene una nueva ubicación y día del mes. De ahora en adelante, este banco de alimentos para mascotas se llevará a cabo en la escuela Bruce Randolph, 3955 Steele Street en Denver, el PRIMER martes del mes, de 1 a 3 p.m.

La primera cita en esta nueva ubicación es el 5 de diciembre. Estaremos allí en asociación con We Don’t Waste.

Le invitamos a recibir comida para mascotas una vez cada dos meses, en cualquiera de nuestras ubicaciones en Denver, y le pedimos que traiga su identificación.

Gracias y que tengas un buen día.

Colorado Pet Pantry

Start a Fundraiser for Colorado Pet Pantry on

The amazing thing about Colorado Gives Day, is that you can amplify your gift with partial and full donation matches. This day embodies the power of community giving. When we work together, and a lot of people pitch in, we can do amazing things.

Please help us make the most of this moment in time by starting a fundraiser on for Colorado Pet Pantry. This year, we have an ambitious goal of raising $100,000 to help feed more pets in 2024. If you would like to help us reach this goal, we urge you to take this easy-to-use fundraising platform and put it to good use.

Here are the steps to create your fundraiser on our page:

  • Click the Fundraise Button on our Organization Page
  • Select “Get Started” and make sure to have “Use Template Provided by Organization” clicked to get started right away – you can still customize this template.
  • If you choose to customize your goal, deadline, and story, you can do that here, otherwise go ahead and hit PUBLISH, and please SHARE this fundraiser with your network, co-workers, or any animal lovers you know!

Together we can make a difference in the lives of pets this season. Thank you for being an active part of our Colorado Pet Pantry community.

Client Stories – Robert and Kloe

Robert and Kloe are “two peas in a pod.” They’re never apart. Kloe is Robert’s Service Companion and “his best friend, his lifeline.”

Robert had a stroke at the young age of 23, which caused partial paralysis, amongst other health issues. He has lived in nursing homes and been involved in treatment facilities since his stroke, 25 years ago. A few years ago, his social worker and case manager at one of his homes set him up with Volunteers of America (VOA).

Living in a VOA apartment complex gives him the opportunity to live self-sufficiently, and the ability to have a service companion, Kloe.

VOA is one of Colorado Pet Pantry’s Mini Pet Food Banks. These are organizations or remote locations that receive pet food from us to distribute directly to their clients. This is how Robert receives pet food to help feed Kloe. He receives very limited Social Security benefits, and for the most part, dog food is not in his budget.

He is extremely grateful to Colorado Pet Pantry for the donations that Kloe and the other pets at VOA receive. “If I didn’t receive pet food from you guys, Kloe would be eating table scraps, like she used to eat,” Robert shares. Colorado Pet Pantry currently serves 74 Mini Pet Food Banks across Colorado.

We partner with organizations that support low-income families, elderly, homeless, people with disabilities and other groups in-need, to help reach clients and regions we may not otherwise have the resources to access with our monthly pet food banks. In addition to VOA, other organizations we work with include Mercy Housing, Nourish Meals On Wheels, Salvation Army, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, and various Animal Welfare Organizations.

Pet Food Bank – 2023 Holiday Schedules

We have several pet food banks coming up in December and January, that have been moved from their regularly scheduled dates. Below is a list of pet food banks that have been rescheduled. We will update this list with any changes that may occur. If your pet food bank is NOT on this list, please assume it will take place on its regularly scheduled date.


  • Greeley – January 8th – this pet food bank will take place one week later at Weld Food Bank, 1108 H Street, from 9AM-11AM
  • Swansea, Denver – January 9th – this pet food bank will take place one week later at Bruce Randolph School, 3955 Steele St, Denver from 1PM-3PM
  • Lamar – January 11th – this pet food bank will take place one week later at Lamar Animal Shelter, 8551 County Road EE.5, from 12PM-2PM
  • Alamosa – January 15th – this pet food bank will take place two week later at Alamosa County Fairgrounds, 8784 Old Sanford Rd, from 12PM-2PM

Interview – How to Help Colorado Pet Pantry

A huge thank you to Kathy Sabine at 9News for interviewing Colorado Pet Pantry Founder and Executive Director, Eileen Lambert, about the current challenges facing Colorado Pet Pantry and pet owners across the state.

Here is a list of actions you can take to help support our organization as we strive to assist pet owners across the state with their pet food needs.

Client Stories – Lisa and Velcro

Lisa adopted sweet Velcro as a kitten. Dirty and alone, she took Velcro in and it was love at first sight. “She’s my joy to celebrate successes, and the door greeter welcoming any and all guests. Every day I thank the Universe for bringing her into my life.”

As Velcro grew up, Lisa learned her little body required a special, very expensive, prescription food to stay healthy. Due to the amazing donations by our generous pet food donors, Colorado Pet Pantry typically has this type of food on-hand. “It is very expensive but necessary to prevent her from getting sick. I can’t thank Colorado Pet Pantry enough for providing this cat food in a time when affording rent has become very overwhelming. Basic necessities are a struggle, and I am honestly not sure what I would have done to provide Velcro with her prescription food.”

Colorado Pet Pantry is a supplemental pet food assistance program. Offering pet food to our clients every other month enables us to lift a huge financial burden that furry friends can have on a monthly budget.

In 2022, Colorado Pet Pantry provided almost seven million meals to families across Colorado. It is our honor to be able to offer this service to so many community members.