The Colorado Pet Pantry will temporarily feed Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families.

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In 2020, our volunteers helped families-in-need to feed 5.1 million meals (943,807 lbs) which equates to feeding 85,901 pets for a full month throughout the Eastern Slope of Colorado. In 2021, we are now statewide, with an expansion to the Western Slope.

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How Does Your Donation Help?

How does your donation to the Colorado Pet Pantry Help?

Every dollar donated to the Colorado Pet Pantry is worth $5 in pet food. Combine that with the fact that your donation helps a pet stay with its family – keeping the dog or cat out of the shelter where it would need to be housed, fed, walked, cared for, and REHOMED – and your donation makes a huge difference!

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Our Goals

In 2021, we plan to feed 100,000 pets for a month at up to 100 monthly pet food banks throughout the state of Colorado. In 2020, we grew to 70 monthly pet food distribution points on the Eastern Slope, serving each neighborhood once per month with the goal of ensuring that all families in a neighborhood have the resources to consistently feed their pets, keeping them out of shelters. We will also continue and expand the Emergency Pet Food Assistance Program and the Animal Welfare Share Program.

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Food Bank Partnering

The Colorado Pet Pantry is partnering with local Food Banks to leverage clients that are already vetted (reducing administrative work) and participating in human food bank services. In addition, because the Colorado Pet Pantry will supplement human food banks with pet food, the human food banks will have more confidence that their food and donor dollars are affecting humans and not being passed to the families' pets in times of hardship.