Animal Welfare Share Program

In 2017, the Colorado Pet Pantry opened the Animal Welfare Share Program. This is intended to be a centralized location for a supply swap to make us all more efficient with our supplies, donations, storage space and time. The location is in Englewood, near Denver. Most animal welfare organizations have items in stock that they don’t need, but are purchasing items or need items that other organizations have in surplus.


The Animal Welfare Share Program is available to:

  • “Non-Failed” PACFA-licensed* animal rescues/shelters that have had their PACFA license for more than one year. 
  • that have their 501c3 nonprofit status.
  • which ensures pets are spayed/neutered with very few exceptions. 
  • feral cat organizations that have their 501c3 and are part of the Metro Denver CAT coalition,
  • and other nonprofit organizations that help people with pets (such as Volunteers for America, the Crisis Center, Docs on the Block, and Spay Today).
  • More requirements are detailed on the application.

All new partners will then be reviewed and approved/denied by a panel.

Once approved, new partners must attend a one-hour orientation before tapping into the program.

*Non-failed PACFA-license refers to the “Last Inspection Outcome” on the “Last Inspection Date”. If the organization failed, then it will need to reapply once it has passed.

The Share Program reserves the right to remove Partners from the Program if the above requirements are not consistently met.


The application is on Google Forms. You’ll need a Google account, and you can easily create one with your work/personal email when you start to work on your application.

If your organization has questions about being a member of the Share Program, please email us.

Read a write-up on the program by Dumb Friends League