Host a Pet Food Drive

Want to Host a Pet Food Drive?

We receive much of the food that we distribute from businesses, housing complexes, schools, and organizations who host pet food drives! Whether your group is large or small, we will make the process easy and the food will get to people who want to keep their pets home and out of shelters!

We will do our best to pick up the donations from you, if needed.

In priority we need:

  1. Dry dog food
  2. Dry cat food
  3. Canned dog food
  4. Cat litter
  5. Canned cat food
  6. Toys, Leashes, Collars, and Accessories

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Want to Host a VIRTUAL Pet Food Drive?

We have virtual pet food drives available through CUDDLY and Amazon. What’s amazing about CUDDLY is that they will actually hold on to our donations until we have the available storage (something we’re always trying to balance) to accept the donations. That little tidbit is priceless to us!