We Need Adult Dog Kibble

Thank you to all who responded to our need for Adult Dog Food. We truly appreciate the donations you have sent. We go through thousands of pounds of kibble each month at our pet food banks. Our need is on-going and great. If you have the means to donate pet food – an extra bag in your pantry, or anything from our wishlist, we would be very grateful! There are several different ways to donate.

If you are not able to donate right now, THAT IS OK! You can still help us by spreading the word about our need. It takes a village.

Client Stories: Dawn, Brave, Zeke & Kalos

“Sometimes the most overlooked family members during any divorce can be people’s pets.”

In April 2022, Dawn and her family had 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 goats and 28 chickens. Due to financial stress from a divorce, Dawn could no longer afford to care for all of her animals. She had to make the heartbreaking decision to re-home her goats, chickens and one of her house cats. Dawn learned about Colorado Pet Pantry’s SECOR pet food bank in Parker, Colorado, in August of 2022. With the help of our pet food assistance program, Dawn and her son, Levi, have been able to keep and care for their cat, Brave, and their retired livestock guardian dogs, Zeke and Kalos.

“My son and I are both thrilled that we have been able to continue to love and enjoy our remaining animals. They are thriving on the generous donations from Colorado Pet Pantry. I’m so grateful for every bag and can of food that the Pet Pantry has provided. Though we are uncertain of the future, we are grateful to be able to do life with our furry family members. Kalos alerts me when my blood sugar is low, and, Zeke and Brave can tell when we need a bit of comfort. I’m grateful that with the help of Colorado Pet Pantry, I’ve been able to keep my dogs and my sweet cat Brave, after losing my goats.”

Pets need every chance possible to stay in their forever homes with the humans who love them. Our goal at Colorado Pet Pantry, is to keep pets with their families. With the help of our supporters, we provide supplemental pet food assistance to cover the gap when housing costs, inflation, medical expenses, vet care, job loss, underemployment, or divorce, chip away at the resources people need to feed their pets.

Double Your Impact – Corporate Matching

Two is better than one!

Corporate matching programs are some of the best ways to maximize your impact when you donate to a charity.

You can use this matching tool to find out if your employer is already signed up with a matching program. If they are not, you can learn how to promote this within the workplace.

This is a huge win for nonprofits and businesses who are interested in contributing to their communities.  Thank you for being a part of our network of support!

Volunteer Krystal Parish Receives Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award

Congratulations to our outstanding volunteer, Krystal Parish, for receiving the July 2023 Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award for her dedication and energy that she brings to Colorado Pet Pantry. This award celebrates volunteers in our community who make a difference, and recipients receive a $2,000 grant, to donate to the nonprofit of their choice. Thanks to Krystal and MYCVA, this grant will provide 400 dogs and cats with a 30-day supply of pet food.

Krystal has been a volunteer with Colorado Pet Pantry for over six years, and during this time, she has contributed significantly to our organization. Not only does she help fill “normal” CPP needs, like helping to distribute pet food at monthly pet food banks and transporting pet food, she regularly goes above and beyond to seek out fundraising opportunities and other ways to help the organization grow and continue to meet the rising need in the community.

Krystal is the main driving force behind our auction fundraisers and has contributed in making them very successful. She solicits and secures a large portion of the donated items that we put in our auctions and donates endless hours toward organizing and creating packages and gift baskets. She even works side gigs, like guest bartending at events and helping to bottle bourbon at a local distillery, in exchange for auctions items. She has proposed and executed many new and innovative ways to help us raise funds to feed pets.

Krystal volunteers monthly at our pet food bank in Conifer, with Mountain Resource Center. She participates in outreach events, and hauls truckloads of pet food to our pet food banks. Krystal also runs a mini pet food bank at her place of work – IKEA. Thanks to Krystal, Denver IKEA employees have their own spot to grab pet food and supplies when times are tight. She also creates and runs workplace fundraisers, like recycling cans, giving IKEA employees an easy and free way to help raise funds for Colorado Pet Pantry.

Krystal is quick to respond to any needs that pop up. When the East Troublesome Wildfire occurred in Grand County in 2020, she ran the emergency response and distributed pet food and supplies to those who lost or were displaced from their homes.

At the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award ceremony at our warehouse in Englewood on July 5th, members of the MYCVA Committee, Colorado Pet Pantry team members, and Krystal’s family, celebrated Krystal and her hard work and dedication to Colorado Pet Pantry. MYCVA Committee members shared the history and significance of the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award and talked about Krystal’s contributions and dedication to Colorado Pet Pantry, and presented Krystal with the grant for $2,000 donated to Colorado Pet Pantry, a Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award Plaque, and a Proclamation from Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s office.

To learn more about the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer award, please visit https://www.sparkthechangecolorado.org/mycva.html.

You are invited to Raise the Woof! Rooftop Party for a Cause

Below, we have created text for you to copy/paste and email to your friends so that you can easily invite them to our Raise the Woof! Rooftop Party for a Cause fundraiser. We really appreciate any and all networking you are willing to do. Thank you!

Dear Friend,

I would like to personally invite you to Raise the Woof! Rooftop Party for a Cause on August 26th, National Dog Day.

Tickets can be found here: https://givegrove.com/wooftop23/tickets/

This annual fundraising event means a lot to me because I have personally been involved in Colorado Pet Pantry. I have witnessed their pet food assistance program in action and the work that they do is vital to keeping our community pets in their homes and out of shelters. At this point in time, Colorado Pet Pantry is seeing record numbers for those who need help with pet food assistance. Animal shelters are maxed out, and pets need every chance possible to stay in their forever homes with the humans who love them. Colorado Pet Pantry has created such an efficient system, that they are able to feed a dog or a cat for an entire month with just a $5 donation. With the Raise the Woof! fundraiser, we hope to raise enough funds to feed thousands of additional pets in Colorado.

Tickets are on sale now for $125 (click here for tickets).

Here are the details:

  • August 26th, 5PM-10PM
  • X Denver Rooftop Club, 3100 Inca Street, Denver
  • Live Music from Slopeside
  • Hors D’oeuvres & Cocktails
  • Live and Silent Auctions 

I would be honored if you would accompany me, and also share this event with others – we are hoping to FILL the rooftop, and raise much needed funds so that we can help as many pets in the future as possible.

Thank you.

10 Years of Service

Eat. Stay. Love

Ten years ago today we held our first pet food bank on a sunny June 6th, in Northwest Denver at Bienvenidos Food Bank. This adventure started as an experiment. I knew I had stuff in my cupboard that my pups didn’t need, and I figured most pet families did as well. The idea was to collect all of the pet food that people didn’t need or want, and get it to those who would use it. The original plan was not to expand past Denver. In fact, Denver Pet Pantry was one of the original names we considered. But then, in a moment of wishful premonition, we decided to call the organization Colorado Pet Pantry, just in case we stretched outside of Denver.

Photos of our very first pet food bank, June 6, 2013.

It was a slow go at first. We needed to learn everything from scratch. Was there a need? Where would we find enough pet food to serve the people coming to our pet food bank? Where would we store the pet food before it was distributed? How would we get the pet food from the donation collection locations to (what would become) our warehouse? How would we find volunteers? Would people donate to the cause? Would human food banks want to partner with us and offer this service to their clients? Would there be an ability for us to not only help people in need, but also other animal welfare organizations? And last but not least, is it ever possible to get the pet food smell out of a vehicle when bags of kibble have filled every crevice of it for the past 10 years? I can answer that one quickly, no.

The answers to all of the questions above are the kindness of people, generosity of partners, dedication of a team, and a really good vacuum. 

We have learned so much over the last 10 years. We learned that the key to making change is to ask others to help and join in the effort. Colorado Pet Pantry doesn’t do anything alone. Everything we do requires multiple people, organizations, and brands. This is the group project that actually worked out, because Colorado is so dedicated to its pets. 

Every year people ask me where I envision Colorado Pet Pantry going next. That’s such a hard question. Life is full of twists and turns… the economy, a global pandemic, inflation, supply chain bottlenecks; there are so many things that affect people and business livelihoods, which in turn affect our capacity to help.

The vision is that all pets in Colorado have the food they need, and families have the ability to keep their pets through thick and thin. But the reality is the Colorado Pet Pantry grows as more people and partners learn about this easy way to keep pets with their families. Our goal is to give pet families relief. That relief means we must make decisions, cautiously and carefully. As we gain more volunteers, acquire more pet food, and raise more funds, we are able to grow and help more pets.

What is truly remarkable, is how people will step up, and life‘s twists and turns become opportunities to help communities. In turn we all get to see and feel the benefits. In another 10 years, I expect you’ll see many more people being assisted by Colorado Pet Pantry. You will see more partners joining the effort to keep pets with their families. And you will see our organization in every part of the state where need exists.

I’ve always looked at what Colorado Pet Pantry does as a solvable problem. We don’t need to produce more food, or pet supplies, to help people get what they need. What we need to do is figure out how to get all of these items from the people and businesses who don’t need them, to the people who do need them. 

Colorado Pet Pantry’s Second Warehouse in Cortez, Colorado

After 10 years, we now have 102 monthly pet food banks throughout the state of Colorado (click here for a map of all our open-to-the-public pet food banks). In 2013, I would have never imagined that’s what our future held. But now, I see a future where other states have statewide pet food banks, and Colorado Pet Pantry helps to mentor that process. Where volunteers know that in just a few hours each month, they can make a real difference in the lives of pets and people in their communities. That anyone with a little extra pet food in their cupboard can know that donating that bag might make the difference of someone being able to keep their pet, versus relinquishing it to a shelter. That donors know it takes just a few dollars to make a huge difference in the lives of pet guardians in their neighborhoods.

Watching the volunteers and staff at Colorado Pet Pantry, I can tell you that everyone works hard to make this organization run smoothly, so people can get the help they need, when they need it.

But what we’re doing is not difficult per sé, and after 10 years, I can truly say that the reason we thrive is because of our team. This team includes you, someone who loves and values pets AND humans alike. In another 10 years, I believe the love will continue to grow, spread, and fill those bellies with good food and an occasional tasty little treat.

Thank you for supporting us over this incredible decade. Decade number two starts today, we’re so grateful that you’re here with us.


Eileen Lambert
Founder & Executive Director

Read more about our 10 Year Anniversary here.

Keeping Families Together in 2022

“All I want for 2023 is to stay with my family.”

The statistics are in for last year and they are impressive. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, donors, and community supporters, we have been able to make real change in Colorado.

In the last year we…

Distributed a 30-day supply of pet food to 115,482 dogs and cats across Colorado.

Fed 1,307,876 pounds of dry food to pets.

Distributed 213,860 cans of wet food to dogs and cats.

We enabled 35,889 families to greatly reduce their monthly pet food bill, enabling them to keep their pets at home with them and out of the overcrowded shelters.

We distributed 6.93 Million meals to pets across the state.

This sounds like a job well done, and there is no way we could have filled this need without those who surround us and make it all possible.

So thank YOU.

Word of Thanks – Next with Kyle Clark

When times are hard for humans, they’re inevitably hard for pets. Right now is one of those times. With inflation soaring and bonus SNAP benefits having ended in February, food banks across the country are seeing a huge uptick in need. At our pet food banks, we have seen at least a 15% increase in new clients across the state, and even more than that in some locations.

With pet food being so expensive, local shelters and rescues are seeing more relinquished pets than ever. This caught the eye and ear of local celebrity news anchor and recent adoptive pet parent, Kyle Clark. Kyle featured Colorado Pet Pantry as his Word of Thanks charity this week, May 10-16th, 2023.

By featuring Colorado Pet Pantry, Kyle was able to show many pet owners that there are resources available to those who have fallen on hard times, but do not want to lose their pets. 

This is why we are here. With 28 open-to-the-public pet food banks across the state, we are able to take a $5 donation and turn it into a 30-day supply of pet food for a dog or cat. 

So far, thanks to the Word of Thanks micro-giving campaign, we have received over $68,000 toward our $75,000 goal. If we reach $75,000, it will enable us to feed 15,000 dogs and cats across Colorado, and allow us to meet the rising need we are seeing at a time when it is so important to do so. We hope you will consider donating to this campaign to help us reach this goal.

Thank you Kyle Clark for featuring us as your Word of Thanks recipient for May 10th, 2023. Here is the original article that can be found on 9news.com:

Colorado Pet Pantry is a statewide resource that was founded in 2013 to help pets and their people.

Food banks love to add pet food from Colorado Pet Pantry because it’s one-stop shopping for families. All the pet food is donated. Then, the non-profit’s hundreds of volunteers and a few staff make sure it gets distributed across the state.

The pantry says it donated close to 7 million meals last year, which fed 115,000 dogs and cats. The demand has gone up every year since the non-profit got its start.

They’re noticing increased need lately because of inflation, and with food stamp benefits being cut in February.

That’s why our micro-giving campaign, Word of Thanks, is supporting Colorado Pet Pantry this week.

Their largest pet food banks are in rural Colorado, where shelters are full and the need is great. It’s more expensive to transport the food there, but Colorado Pet Pantry is determined to reach every corner of the state.

With our help, they can do that. Like every week since Kyle started Word of Thanks, we’re asking you to consider a $5 donation. He’ll match the first fifty of those, and Colorado Pet Pantry says they can feed a dog or a cat for a month on five bucks.

That $5 could be the difference between a family being able to keep a pet at home or having to give them up.

Word of Thanks began in 2020, and this Next community has donated $10.7 million to non-profits across the state doing great work.

As always, thank you!

If you’re interested in giving, you can donate here.

Spring into action, JOIN US!

Happy Spring Everyone, 

The best thing I love about Spring is that it’s almost green everywhere.  Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Manny Arizala with the Colorado Pet Pantry. As the pandemic wreaked havoc across our nation and here in the Colorado Springs / Fountain area, many of you stepped up to feed and give a voice to the voiceless, our pets.

I am writing you today to ask you to join us in our efforts. I am not asking for money, I am simply asking you to join us once a year, once a quarter, every other month or as often as you are able to in distributing pet food and at times, supplies to our community. With food insecurity on the rise, many of our community members rely on the generosity of food pantries and their volunteers, ultimately that also means food insecurity is on the rise for our four-legged pets.

I joined the Colorado Pet Pantry this past Fall simply because of our mission: “The Colorado Pet Pantry will temporarily feed Colorado pets, allowing families to increase their ability to care for pets with the goal of keeping them out of shelters and with their families.” Your generosity of time will allow us to be true to our mission and will additionally have a direct positive impact on the members of our community.

Growing up, I couldn’t tell you how many times a pet made the difference between a good day or a bad day, no matter the circumstances. Pets bring love, joy, and most of all companionship. Will you join me and volunteer some of your time at one of our pet pantries in either Colorado Springs, Fountain or both? I hope you decide to join me in saying yes, I will volunteer. Bring a friend with you to volunteer or make a date with your loved one to volunteer together by simply signing up at the link below.

Our next pantry for May in the Fountain area is May 18, 2023 (3:30-6:30 PM) and in Colorado Springs on May 24, 2023 (11:30-3:00 PM). Lastly, I’d also like to invite you to stop by our booth at the Colorado Springs Pet Expo happening April 29-30, 2023. Pets are welcome at this expo.

Click the following link, to register to volunteer or sign-in:

Thank You, and I look forward to seeing you at one of our pantries very soon. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me directly or text me at the number listed below.


Manny Arizala
Southeast Colorado Program Manager

SNAP Emergency Allotments Expire

Starting March 1st, 2023, Coloradans, and people throughout the nation, participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) saw their monthly amounts drop drastically as the Emergency Allotments for the SNAP program (Food Stamps) that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic came to an end February 28, 2023. On an individual basis, the end of emergency allotments will mean an average loss of $82 in food stamps per person every month, according to US Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates.

The Emergency Allotments began in March 2020 to help people who lost their jobs, were underemployed, were financially strained due to medical costs, etc. due to COVID-19. After three years, the decision was made to end the Emergency Allotments. Additionally, this is happening at a time when grocery prices are already much higher than normal. This change will affect the human food that is accessible to people, leaving even less money for pet food and pet costs.

That’s where we come in.

How will this affect Colorado Pet Pantry?

Colorado Pet Pantry saw a drastic increase in the amount of people needing pet food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Three years later the need has only continued to increase, while donations have recently begun to decrease due to our donors’ economic concerns. We’re already seeing even more people needing help with pet food because more of their sparse funds are needed to feed the human family members.

Colorado Pet Pantry works side by side with human food banks to help make sure the human food goes to the humans and the pet food goes to the pets. “I will feed my pets before I eat…” is a common phrase heard at our organization when those who need pet food reach out.

The human food banks that we partner with have already reported that their human food distributions increased by 30 to 50% in February 2023 alone. And our pet food banks in the past two months have greatly increased in the number of people seeking help. This began the month BEFORE the food stamps decreased. The concern is that this number will dramatically increase in months to come as people and families realize the full affect of the decreased food stamp allotment.

While food stamps cannot be used for pet food, this decrease in food stamps will affect a person’s or family’s overall ability to feed all the members of the family, including ones with paws. Colorado Pet Pantry anticipates that need will greatly increase, beginning NOW.

As pets make their way into our hearts and our homes, they become part of the family. Most of the clients we assist have had their pets for many years, then financial struggles took hold. Pet owners should not have to choose between keeping their pet or feeding their pet.

How can you help?

Monetary donations go a long way. Thanks to our pet food partnerships, we can take just $5 and give a pet a 30-day supply of pet food.

Volunteering is the backbone of our organization. If we do not have volunteers to run our pet food banks, pick up donations, or help in our warehouse, we do not exist. If you are able to volunteer, we would love to have you!

Sharing about us online helps spread the word about what we are doing and grows our organization. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up to date with what is happening at Colorado Pet Pantry.

We send out monthly newsletters, if you would like to be a part of our email list, please sign up here.

Will you be affected by the Emergency Allotment decrease? Do you have questions? Find answers to your questions here.

Client Stories: Tori and Kupka

Sweet Kupka is a 15 year old kitty from Boulder and his human, Tori, visits the EFAA Pet Food Bank. Like many older cats, Kupka requires a substantial amount of wet food in order to thrive. Tori is on Social Security and a very tight budget. She shares, “We are grateful that Colorado Pet Pantry is able to help us through the generosity of their supporters.”

In 2022, Colorado Pet Pantry distributed over 213,000 cans of wet food across the entire state of Colorado. Through the generosity of its donors, Colorado Pet Pantry has been able to ensure many cats like Kupka get the nutrition they need in order to stay healthy and happy. If you would like to make a donation visit coloradopetpantry.org/donate today.

Creative Ways to Help Colorado Pet Pantry

Connect Your King Soopers/City Market Card

Did you know you can support Colorado Pet Pantry just by doing your regular shopping at King Soopers or City Market? When you add us as your charity of choice, King Soopers/City Market will donate a portion of what you spend directly to us. In the fourth quarter of 2022, 601 enrolled households helped us raise $5,312 in donations! Visit the King Soopers/City Market page, create your account and sign up today.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Creating a Fundraiser on Facebook is very easy. This is a great way to not only raise funds for your favorite nonprofit, but to show your friends what causes matter to you. Facebook generously covers transaction fees for nonprofits in their online fundraiser. Visit Facebook’s Fundraiser Instructions today and learn how to set up your fundraisers.

Donate Your Colorado State Tax Refund

If you’re expecting a Colorado state income tax refund this year, we hope you’ll consider donating some or all of it to Colorado Pet Pantry. Colorado makes it easy to donate your refund to the charity of your choice. When you file your taxes this year, add our registration number, 20123031891, on the Voluntary Contributions Schedule (DR 0104CH) of your Colorado Individual Income Tax Return. Learn more about this easy to use and much appreciated program.

Share us on Social Media

Social media is a fast and cost-effective way for us reach a larger audience. When you follow (or “like”) us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and share our content, it allows us to reach and engage with an even larger audience. The more people we reach, the more people and pets we are able to help! It’s an easy and free way to help us share information and gain followers and supporters. Please help us by following us and sharing our posts! Learn more here.

Stories – Christa and Bentley

In October 2021, Christa acquired her special friend and companion, Bentley. She refers to him as a cuddle bug but he is so much more than that, because Christa also has Diabetes. “I wouldn’t trade him for the world,” Christa shares, “He lets me know when my blood sugar is out of control, wakes me up when my breathing stops, and even acted strangely before I had a tachycardia episode. He can make me smile on days when depression is bad. He brightens every day.”

As a medical assistance dog, Bentley is the BEST. Christa literally cannot live without this boy. “The expense of training and keeping a dog healthy is challenging. The Colorado Pet Pantry helps immensely,” Christa says.

Christa joins us every other month at our Grand Junction pet food bank on the Western Slope of Colorado where she is able to get Bentley the pet food he needs to thrive.

In December, 2020, Colorado Pet Pantry finally crossed the Continental Divide and opened the Grand Junction/Clifton pet food bank. Over the past couple years, this has turned into one of our busiest locations. On an average month, we distribute 4,600 lbs of dry pet food to 155 families, helping them keep their 485 pets in their loving homes and out of shelters.

We would not be able to do this every single month if it weren’t for our amazing supporters. We are working hard to grow our network of supporters, volunteers and donors on the Western Slope. You can help support our operations on the Western Slope (or anywhere in Colorado) by donating funds, pet food, or time. Together we can assist all the Bentley’s in Colorado, to be sure they have the ability to stay in their homes with their loving humans forever.

From Donation to Distribution – Your Gift Matters

There are a lot of moving pieces to Colorado Pet Pantry. All branches of our organization must work together to bring each pet food donation into the food bowls where it’s needed most.

Here, we would like to show you the real impact of your support — from your donation to our pet food distribution, your gift keeps families together. 

Meet Bill. Bill, his dog, and two cats, join us from one of our busiest pet food banks in Southern Colorado (check out the video of the patient and extensive line from Dec 2022 at this Trinidad, CO pet food bank). He shares about what our program means to his family. “Grateful doesn’t cover the work your volunteers do. We lost our home in Texas after a tornado. Then we lost our income due to COVID. We had the opportunity to move to Colorado and help provide care for our elderly family.”

Bill began using utilizing the pet food assistance program in August, 2022. The pet food bank itself started in May of 2021. Reaching this community required all the moving pieces of Colorado Pet Pantry to work seamlessly together. Partnerships were developed with the human food bank, Care and Share of Southern ColoradoThe Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and the City Shelter in Trinidad, Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association. By partnering with human food banks, and planning our pet food banks along side their distribution days, we are able to quickly reach our target clientele. This makes it easy for those who need pet food assistance to receive food without adding an extra stops to their day. 

The task of bringing over 5,000 pounds of pet food each month to Trinidad and efficiently distributing it to 200 families takes a lot of coordination and funds. It begins with our pet food donations at the Colorado Pet Pantry Warehouse. The food is then sorted by staff and volunteers, loaded onto pallets and coordinated into pickups by a large box truck. We purchase the required fuel, schedule the deliveries (we ship to several locations in Southern Colorado), gather many passionate Colorado Pet Pantry volunteers (we always need more help in Trinidad), and make the magic happen. We anticipate this pet food bank, as well as all our other locations to continue to grow as we head into the future. Because of this, we need your help.

Your gift of $5, $50, or $500 will make a huge difference to the pets who are able to stay with their humans through these tough times. 

“The help with pet food has been a blessing,” Bill says, “These are the pets who benefit from your kindness.”

Colorado Gives Day is Almost Here – Help Make an Impact

People and pets need each other most when times are hard.
2022 has been hard on so many. We haven’t increased locations this year because we grew so much in 2020-2021 to meet the increased need during the pandemic. But, just at our existing 103 pet food bank locations, we’ve seen more than 15% more people coming to our pet food banks in the past year.
A donation of any size can help make a huge and immediate difference in someone’s life… and can make an even bigger impact if you schedule it in the next 3 days. All donations made through Colorado Gives’ platform before midnight on December 6th are partially matched– thanks to the $1.4 Million Plus Incentive Fund created to help support Colorado nonprofits.

A donation of any size helps people like Christina get through tough times. “My relationship with the Colorado Pet Pantry started through the relationship my mother established with them. About 10 years ago, our family cat (Grimlin) had to undergo a major surgery called a Cystotomy for bladder stones. Bladder stones are actually a common ailment in domesticated cats. They form from certain components that are found in regular cat foods among other factors.
Colorado Pet Pantrystarted through the relationship my mother established with them. About 10 years ago, our family cat (Grimlin) had to undergo a major surgery called a Cystotomy for bladder stones. Bladder stones are actually a common ailment in domesticated cats. They form from certain components that are found in regular cat foods among other factors.
After Grimlin’s Cystotomy, he was put on a strict prescription food diet. As some of you may know, prescription pet food is very expensive. My mom, who is physically disabled due to an injury she sustained at work years ago, did an amazing job caring for all three of our family cats, but being able to afford the prescription food was just too much. She found the Colorado Pet Pantry, and they immediately ensured she had a monthly supply of both wet and dry prescription cat food every month. My direct relationship with Colorado Pet Pantry started about 4 years ago after I saved a set of twin boy cats (Anubis and Sphynx) from an abusive and neglectful home. Shortly after taking them into my care, Sphynx started having the same symptoms that Gremlin did and had to undergo a Cystotomy as well. He was placed on the same prescription diet, and I was relieved because I knew immediately where to turn. At the time I was in college full-time and only working part-time, so my financial situation wasn’t ideal for being able to afford what he needed. As soon as I reached out to the Colorado Pet Pantry, I received the same wonderful treatment and was quickly provided with the prescription pet food I needed for Sphynx on a regular basis. Sadly, both Grimlin and Sphynx have crossed the rainbow bridge recently, but their lives were extended greatly because of what Colorado Pet Pantry was able to do for us. The impact that Colorado Pet Pantry has made, and continues to make on our lives is a true blessing. Every interaction I’ve had with people associated to the Colorado Pet Pantry, have been ones filled with compassion and true kindness. Whether the need is for very specific prescription food, regular food, or even supplies and enrichment tools, the Colorado Pet Pantry will make sure they provide what you and your pets need. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Colorado Pet Pantry for what you do for us and our pets.”

Watch this video from our volunteer and former client, Dianne. Dianne started volunteering with us about six or seven years ago. She was getting food for herself at a human food bank when she discovered our services and was so grateful that she decided she wanted to give back… watch here.

Join us and other animal lovers across Colorado in coming together to support the nonprofits that make a difference in our lives. We would be so grateful if you would consider making an amplified donation to Colorado Pet Pantry to help us keep pets with their loving families.


~ Your friends at Colorado Pet Pantry