Wet food, dry food, or canned – we need it.

Three years ago, when the world shut down for a pandemic, so did the pet food factories and their ingredient suppliers. Because Colorado Pet Pantry accepts large scale donations of short-dated pet food, it has taken three years for the effects of the shut down to reach us. The pet food that would have expired, literally does not exist, so the donations are nonexistent.

At our current capacity, with 100 pet food pantries, we need about 100,000 pounds of pet food to make it through each month. Our outlook on incoming large scale donations is bleak. We have asked every major pet food band out there for help (do you know anyone at any major pet food brands? If so please email us at we are open to any and all suggestions). Many have responded, but there is still a major shortfall in the amount of donations coming in and the amount we need.

Because of this shortfall, we are having to make drastic changes. Starting immediately, we are moving our pet food recipients to only receive food every three months (before it was every other month). This is a necessity if we want to continue helping as many people as possible.

What can you do to help?

Start a pet food drive in your community or place of business

  • Pet food drives are a great way to spread awareness about our organization, and provide a solution to our biggest problem – the need for more food donations. Colorado Pet Pantry started as a small community supported organization with just a few donation drop off stores. Our program only works if donations exist. And we need your help. Learn more here.

Network with your group

  • Do you know anyone who works for a pet food company? Or anywhere that we could source large-scale donations? We often partner with retail stores such as Costco, Target, Veterinary Clinics, etc. to accept any short-dated or damaged pet food bags. If you or someone you know works in a store that sells pet food, and has access to expiring pet food, please put us in touch by emailing!

Ultimately the pet food factories did start up again. The world got back to a new normal, and in the future, donations will exist. But right now, we need our community to help us bridge this gap.

Thank you, Your Friends at Colorado Pet Pantry