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Our pet food banks are closed if the local school district is closed due to weather.

LHM Nissan Arapahoe Presents Raise the Woof! Rooftop Party for a Cause

X Denver 3100 Inca St, Denver

  You’re invited to a Party! 2021 was our 8th year of exponential growth. We had our first Wooftop Party for a Cause, which was a huge success, and reached several new communities with pet food assistance in all parts of Colorado. Now in 2022, we are working to stabilize this growth. We have been securing our commitments and relationships to the new areas we added, and making sure we can sustainably continue to help all the families and their &hellip read more

Note: You are eligible to receive pet food from the Colorado Pet Pantry every three months no matter the location. (You can only go to one location every three months). All policies are here.

Clients agree to this statement when receiving pet food from us “I understand that supplemental pet food is provided for my existing family pets only. New pets added after registration will not be served. Supplemental pet food is not intended to cover 100% of needs, clients are eligible every three months. I hereby agree to forever release Colorado Pet Pantry from any and all liabilities in any way related to, or arising from, participation in the pet food bank.”

Please click the link for the partner food bank to learn their policies and to get directions if you also need human food.

Our pet food banks are closed if the local school district is closed due to weather.