Happy National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”  ~Elizabeth Andrew

Every month, volunteers run the Colorado Pet Pantry pet food banks, pick up pet food at our collection partners, staff tables at events, and type up endless paperwork. We love doing it because we know our clients and their pets are so relieved to have access to food.

It’s truly amazing. In 2014, our volunteers gave 1,100+ hours to distribute 30,553 pounds of pet food, helping 1,500 families in the Denver/Boulder-metro area to feed 3,296 pets.

Here are snaps of just a few volunteers. There are so many more who have dedicated so much time to making sure the dogs and cats on the front range are well fed, healthy, happy, and able to stay with the families that love them.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and happy National Volunteer Week! You’re truly the best.

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Volunteer for an upcoming food bank!

Partnership to Reduce Shelter Overpopulation

Our mission is to help families feed their pets, keeping dogs and cats out of shelters and with the people who love them. Our focus is primarily the multi-species family. But helping to reduce over-population within animal shelters is a bonus of the work that we do.

Now, there’s an enormous cherry on top. Starting a few months ago, Dumb Friends League (DFL) staff from the mobile spay and neuter clinics began attending many of our pet food banks to share information about donor-subsidized services and vaccinations with our clients.

What a hit! The DFL team is compassionately speaking to our clients about their needs, and after each pet food bank, they have scheduled several clients to spay and neuter their pets. (Plus they always bring an armful of toys and treats for our clients’ pets!) This partnership has led the Colorado Pet Pantry to begin inquiring with each pet owner about their spay and neuter history, and start a discussion that can exponentially affect pet over-population in the Denver-metro area.

Thank you Dumb Friends League for your amazing work and for helping Colorado Pet Pantry clients take an important step in responsible pet ownership.


The Dumb Friends League donated some new toys to our clients. Happy dogs!


Saving Food for the Humans

Here’s a note straight from one of our wonderful clients. She ran out of pet food yesterday and has been using her family’s small supply of ground beef to feed her dogs. We told her about our new pet food bank near downtown Denver at DICP that begins tomorrow, so she’ll be able to get what she needs sooner than later. “I love my dogs with my life. I want them to be healthy. Thank you for being so concerned with the health of my pets.”

We’re Adding a Fifth Monthly Pet Food Bank!


PET-pupStarting next week, the Colorado Pet Pantry will begin holding its fifth monthly pet food bank at Denver Inner City Parish (DICP). The human food bank partner opened its food bank at this location in late 2014. The pet food bank will be held at DICP on the second Wednesday of the month. Clients of DICP are invited to visit the pet food bank on April 8 to get supplemental pet food for their dogs or cats. Pet owners who need assistance but are not a member of the partner human food bank are asked to call 720.441.3111 or contact us to make prior arrangements.

Check out our calendar of upcoming pet food banks.

Mocha is Part of the Family

A woman and her two kids, six and two years old, came to one of our partner food banks, Denver Inner City Parish, in 2014. While she was getting food for her family, she was relieved to learn that the Colorado Pet Pantry pet food bank was also there that day to help with pet food. She’s had her 10-year old female Shar Pei, Mocha, since she was a puppy. But when they moved from Florida to Colorado in hopes of finding a better job, the family was left with even less support and now teeters on the edge of not being able to feed the furry family member. It had been three days since Mocha had a solid meal. But mom couldn’t imagine giving her up and didn’t want to contemplate what that loss would do to her children.

“I’m barely feeding my children, it’s nearly impossible to feed the dog,” she said.

That day, she left the food bank with food for her family and Mocha, and she knows that we’ll be there, in the same spot once a month so she and her family will be able to stay together even when times are tight.

2014 Final Stats

In 2014, our volunteers gave 1,100+ hours to distribute 30,553 pounds of pet food, helping 1,500 families in the Denver/Boulder-metro area to feed 3,296 pets.

Denver Dog Magazine Coverage

DenverDog-Cover-DD2014-05-115x150A woman and her two kids, six and two years old, came to the Colorado Pet Pantry pet food bank recently to get food for their 10-year old shar pei. It had been three days since their beloved family member had a solid meal and the mother’s eyes glistened as she said how she never expected the “human” food bank that she was visiting that day to have pet food. She’s had the shar pei since it was a puppy, can’t imagine giving her up, and doesn’t want to contemplate what that loss would do to the children.

Read how the Colorado Pet Pantry helped this family to keep their beloved dog.

2013 Final Stats

IMG_1900In 2013, we distributed 10,499 lbs. of pet food, helping 426 families in the Denver-metro area to feed 858 pets.